At TED 2015, we will put a Target lens on the theme of Truth and Dare, daring guests to shift their perspective through the use of visually challenging and unexpected design elements and unique entertainment moments. Key elements: An illusion chandelier, bar and social space logo, DARING seating that bends into the floor, art that is made from your biometrics and coffee sleeves that were dares.

The truth is, there is no truth. And the only thing we know for sure is that the truth is constantly changing. It changes to fit our shifting perspectives, our circumstances, and even our moods.


The centerpiece of our space was a beautiful, suspended art installation hanging from the ceiling that form a 3D sculpture. There were over 2000 individual balls that came together to create this sculpture.


The experience was one of the most talked about activations amongst TEDsters, measuring the body’s truth via biometric analysis and showcasing participants’ results in a personalized design keepsake. The results took the form in beautifully designed graphic patterns, unique to each guest.  


As intelligent and accomplished as TED attendees are, they can be equally mischievous and playful. So we turned the latte line into a time for TEDsters to cheekily and anonymously nudge their fellow attendees outside their comfort zones with an ongoing game of dare. Each coffee cup sleeve had a dare written on it by TEDsters, with a livescribe pen, for unsuspecting cafe visitors to come. Attendees found this both surprising and entertaining, breaking up the serious conference tone with laughs.