People en Español, the top-selling Hispanic magazine in the United States, planned a special event in San Antonio for Labor Day Weekend that celebrated Hispanic entertainment, culture, and community. 

For our activation, we wanted something that was vibrant, intense, and bold. We took inspiration from the Mexican blanket and deconstructed it and made it the pillars of our space. The client embraced this energetic palette of vibrant colors and bringing the culture to life through architectural installations, makeovers, an interactive dance floor, and a closing party full of lights and music. 


The bags, designed by a local artist, were filled with beauty products and coupons.


The explosion and celebration of color took on a whole new dimension at night. With dancers on the stage, we drenched the stage in color, going from one color to another along with the music. Using LED wristbands, the crowd also light up in sync with the main stage.